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I Do Print. 

I am an art director with a passion for clean typography, crisp lines and color play.
I enjoy finding inspiration for my work in the world around me. I design for a variety of platforms including magazines, 
advertising, branding, marketing, annual reports and newspapers.




Let's do glossy


Going glossy, painting a visual picture with

a smaller canvas but needing even bigger impact. As an experienced art director and project manager, I bring to the table the ability to create dynamic visuals for

multiple formats.




Selling the message


Turning up the volume isn’t enough -

it takes smart choices. I design ad campaigns with the desired message

in mind, often coming up with the copy myself, but always keeping the client’s needs first.




Reaching your audience


It takes the right approach to get the right response. Being focused on the target is crucial. I achieve results by creatively utilizing the tools at my disposal - color, charts, visual themes, photography - it’s all in play to reach the audience.





creative with the message


Bold images, type play and illustrations to keep the reader engaged, interested and wanting more.




Telling a story


Any editor will tell you that the goal of a well-written article is to hook readers with just a few paragraphs, but I will tell you the goal of a well-designed newspaper presentation is to entice readers before they even read a single word.

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